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Case Study

Ian Henderson

Ian Henderson.jpg

Driver Technician

I joined HOYER Petrolog in October 2015 after serving with the British Army for 13 years as a Royal Engineer Driver Specialist. I gained my Class 1 drivers licence and ADR through the forces at the Defence School of Transport, Leconfield. During my 13 years’ service I undertook many different roles, in many different parts of the world, ranging from a Class 2 driver to a role in fleet management. In this latter role I was responsible for the daily tasking of up to 30 personnel, as well as over 120 vehicles all of different variants, all of which were tasked and maintained on a weekly basis.

I felt my time was coming to an end in the Army and I needed a new challenge and a more stable lifestyle. I began researching possible civilian careers and wanted to stick to my strengths within the transport industry, whether that was as a driver or in a management role.

With some careful consideration I decided that I wanted to become a Fuel Tanker Driver Technician so began to research companies online and that is when I found HOYER. I did my research on HOYER and liked what I read and decided to approach them. I found the whole process surprisingly simple. The people I communicated with were helpful and offered great advice. I received an application form and within days was invited to attend an interview and driving assessment at Kingsbury where I was successful and was asked to join the team at Petrolog, Kingsbury.

I underwent three weeks mandatory training with a HOYER Driving Training Instructor which was superb and is widely known throughout the industry as being the best training you can receive. By the end of my training I was more than confident to be working alone and could not wait to get started. Training continues throughout the year with tool box talks, annual refreshers and other opportunities such as new terminal inductions.

The whole transition from the Army to civilian life can be very daunting and a lot of service personnel fear the leap into the unknown as was my case as I had never experienced civilian life before, so I was apprehensive to say the least. HOYER made this a very smooth transition for me and within a matter of months I had started my new career and adapted very easily into my new position. To make matters easier in my work place at present there is a large number of ex service personnel and it is very much like still being in the forces with respect to the attitude, team spirit and work ethic of my colleagues. This is a challenging job and no two days are the same making it all the more diverse from any other kind of work out there.

Since joining HOYER Petrolog 18 months ago I have continued to develop my career as best I can and gaining multiple terminal inductions, multiple contractual competencies as well as recently taking on the responsibility of team leader for my shift. I have not looked back since leaving the Army and would recommend the leap into this industry and company to any enthusiastic, driven forces leaver.

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