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About Us

HOYER is a global leader in providing specialist bulk logistics for the chemical, petroleum, food and gas industries. Established in 1946 as an independent family run business we pride ourselves on our people and invest heavily in their development. Our UK operation commenced in 1974 and now employs 1,300 people throughout the country and globally we employ over 6,000 people in over 115 countries, turning over €1.2bn.

A global leader in specialist bulk logistics for the chemical, petroleum, food and gas industries.

UK Operation

Our focus is on delivering high quality service performance to our customers in each of the following areas:

HOYER Gas & Petroleum Logistics – 

  • Gas - intermodal and road tanker solutions for all types of air gases, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), liquid natural gas (LNG) and gases produced from chemical manufacturing processes
  • Fuels - delivering logistics solutions for every kind of bulk Petroleum-based product from bulk retail, commercial and aviation fuels such as petrol, diesel, gasoil and kerosene through to jet fuel, bitumen, bitumen emulsions, fuel oils and lubricants

HOYER Chemilog - providing intermodal and road tanker based logistics services for all types of bulk hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals

HOYER Aircraft Fuel Services - we are an independent provider of vertically integrated aviation fuel logistics services, specializing in pre-airport bridging solutions, into-plane fuelling (ITP) services and management of jet fuel storage facilities

HOYER Deep Sea - full service provider offering worldwide transport and logistics solutions for primarily liquid products in tank containers, tank trucks and flexitanks. 


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Core Values:

Our FIVE CORE values

Our focus is on consistently delivering high quality service performance to our customers in a highly compliant manner with safety and environmental performance at our core.

Of our customers, our people, general public, environment, and the very dangerous products we carry everyday
We always take care when doing our job, applying our training, skill and experience
This is more than “safety”
This is my job, my responsibility, and I am accountable
I am proud to play my part in all this in the best way I can
Its my problem and my responsibility to make sure it’s fixed, as we learn and move on
I am part of a team and enjoy working with others to do a good job for our customers and our shareholders
I am not going to be a weak link around here
From the top to the bottom, we are all in this together.
The clock of time has never ticked so fast
All our customers are different
If you do what you did, you will get what you got
Adapt, evolve or change - we cannot insulate ourselves
We want to be a proactive step ahead, not a reactive and resistant step behind, trying to catch-up
Flexibility, agility and speed are of the essence
For each other – we are all important and we all have our role to play
For our customers and our business partners
For the dangerous products we carry, the roads we drive on at high speeds, and the general public, who are all around us
Treat others as you would like to be treated – firm, fair, friendly
We all have a voice that should be heard, and anyone can have a good idea
To be the best we can be and the best of who I am
To lead our industry
Professional quality
We can always improve and do better