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About Us

HOYER is a global leader in providing specialist bulk logistics for the chemical, petroleum, food and gas industries. Established in 1946 as an independent family run business we pride ourselves on our people and invest heavily in their development. Our UK operation commenced in 1974 and now employs 1,300 people throughout the country and globally we employ over 6,200 people in over 115 countries, turning over €1.2bn.

A global leader in specialist bulk logistics for the chemical, petroleum, food and gas industries.

UK Operation

Our focus is on delivering high quality service performance to our customers in each of the following areas:

• HOYER Petrolog – delivering logistics solutions for every kind of bulk Petroleum-based product from bulk retail, commercial and aviation fuels such as petrol, diesel, gasoil and kerosene through to jet fuel, bitumen, bitumen emulsions, fuel oils and lubricants

• HOYER Chemilog - providing intermodal and road tanker based logistics services for all types of bulk hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals

• HOYER Gaslog - intermodal and road tanker solutions for all types of air gases, liquid petroleum gas (LPG), liquid natural gas (LNG) and gases produced from chemical manufacturing processes

• HOYER Foodlog - whether in bulk liquid or powder form, we have a road tanker or intermodal solution for your foodstuffs supply chain needs

• HOYER Deep Sea - full service provider offering worldwide transport and logistics solutions for primarily liquid products in tank containers, tank trucks and flexitanks. 


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Core Values:

The six point pledge

Our focus is on consistently delivering high quality service performance to our customers in a highly compliant manner with safety and environmental performance at our core.

Safety and environmental performance is at the very core of our company. If we fail in this area we cannot continue in this business so we must make safety our number one priority - nothing less will do.

We are committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and environmental performance and continue to invest in equipment, in you and in the training you need to uphold this commitment.

The key to achieving a total quality service is to understand our customers' needs and to meet them consistently. We must also ensure our suppliers both understand and meet our requirements. In an environment where customers are increasingly demanding, our challenge is to continually seek better, faster and more efficient ways of meeting their requirements, and it's a challenge that applies to each and every one of us. To do this we must also set targets and constantly measure and monitor our performance against these targets.

Everyone at Hoyer must strive to build constructive relationships with each person we deal with both inside and outside the company. Customers' opinions of Hoyer depend greatly on the way we handle those relationships. Our conduct is therefore vital to the success of the company and to us as individuals. It is important for us all to ensure that our business relationships are based on honesty, integrity and sound ethics.

We intend to maintain our record of profitable growth. To do this we must strive to create a work environment which encourages innovation, effective decision-making and teamwork.

We set clear targets which ensure that we each understand what is expected of us and are given the motivation and the reward for our efforts. Over time we aim to allow for greater delegation of authority, which will enable the company to benefit from the experience and insight of those who are closest to the job.

We aim to create environments in which communication flows freely up and down, so we can work together more effectively. Everyone is an essential part of the company and we are committed to providing the information you need to do your job and to understand what is going on in the company as a whole. We will provide training and assistance to enable everyone to enhance their communication skills as appropriate.

Where expertise, drive and potential lie within the organisation it is our policy to exploit and provide people with new challenges and opportunities. We are also committed to the Investors in People programme which is specifically directed at helping us to be the best we can be.