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Case Study

Contract Manager BP, Duygu Bayrakci

Duygu Bayrakci, HOYER Petrolog UK

Contract Manager BP

I got my first degree in Chemical Engineering in Turkey, I always thought about being involved in the oil industry which influenced my choice of degree. I came to the UK eight years ago and completed my Masters in Business Administration (MBA). I started looking for a company which complemented my career ambition of being a successful manager in oil related business.

I applied to the HOYER Graduate Scheme after a lot of research. I was very impressed with the whole recruitment process. I really wanted to join HOYER after the interviews because not only was my skill-set tested but the company also demonstrated its determination to be a “go ahead” organisation.

I started as a management trainee on the Total Bitumen Contract as part of the planning team which involved interfacing directly with the Total Bitumen Management Group. As part of my role the key challenges were safe operations and very high level of customer service.

Within six months I was promoted to the role of Location Transport Manager on our Bitumen contract. This role gave me tremendous responsibility and presented challenges such as how to manage a successful and balanced relationship with a very demanding client. This became the key learning for me: “developing an outstanding working relationship with the client at all levels”.

Throughout this period I had tremendous support from fellow managers and various mentors which was yet another benefit of being in the graduate scheme.

In my second role I experienced a lot of involvement with the trade union and this was the major difference from my first role on the Bitumen Contract. This also proved to me that every role in HOYER had its different challenges.

My next role was Location Transport Manager in West London and I had a great opportunity to display my management skills. Successfully managing this challenging location led to a further career opportunity and I was promoted to the position of Operations Manager in July 2014 which involves me playing an influential role in a high performing management team dealing with 6 different customers on 3 contracts with over 35 vehicles and 100 drivers in the South West and Midlands. I am responsible for 4 Location Transport Managers who manage our operations at five different locations. One of my key objectives now as a manager is to provide exactly the same support that I had throughout my career with HOYER and the same range of career development options to those I am now responsible for.

Throughout all of my experience in HOYER what I learnt is that the key to success is building good working relationships with clients and the people who work for me, the people who work alongside me and the people who I report to. HOYER’s Management Development Scheme has helped me to find the key to successful leadership.

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