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Divisional Director BP & Air BP, Joel Griffin

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Divisional Director BP & Air BP

I joined HOYER in August 2010 via Hoyer’s Graduate Management Programme. During this time I have occupied multiple roles within the HOYER business, over two separate periods of employment (2010–2015 & 2016–present).

These roles include Planning Manager, Location Transport Manager (LTM), Operations Projects Manager, Operations Manager and Contract Manager.

In my first role as LTM / Planning Manager, I was a member of a team embedded with a client and gained a deep understanding of the end-customers demands through first hand experience of engaging with those customers.

In my second LTM role, I was responsible for the HOYER fuel operations at Teesside and Immingham. I was responsible for the safe, cost-effective utilisation of the fleet and drivers at these locations, as well as being the first-line manager for the drivers.

Upon award of the BP Contract, HOYER took some steps to consolidate our management team, which involved headhunting myself, who then re-joined HOYER in 2016 where I initially formed part of the BP contract implementation team. My responsibilities whilst transitioning the business, included the set-up of the contract’s resourcing infrastructure; the review and renegotiation of supply agreements, and overseeing the training and recruitment of new drivers on a national basis.

Following the implementation of the BP Contract, I established our Puma and Eurovia Bitumen contracts and was responsible for all aspects of safety, operational and commercial performance on these contracts. Under my leadership, these businesses saw a positive step change in their SHEQ and Customer Service performance. Safety incidents reduced by two thirds over a three year period. Furthermore through the establishment of strong processes and through innovation, key service and efficiency metrics were continuously exceeded whilst providing clients with industry leading £/tonne performance.

I took over as Contract Manager for BP & Air BP in January 2020. Despite the year being dominated by the significant challenges that the Covid-19 brought, the contract went on to achieve excellent customer service and SHEQ metrics. The highlight of the year was recording a contract best crossover performance. In addition to my daily duties, I lead the HOYER Controlled Deliveries (HCD) project which was successfully delivered onto the BP contract in early 2021.

Finally, throughout my time at HOYER I have been involved in and led multiple complex projects which include but are not limited to; an internal time and motion study, feeding into HOYERs strategic driver engagement work; the onboarding of new clients; the creation of a bespoke communications app (myHOYER) and a leading role in a project that reviewed and transformed HOYERs approach to absence management.

On a personal level, I live in Huddersfield with my partner Emily and a new addition to the family. I am also a golfer holding a handicap of fourteen and an advocate of personal fitness.  

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