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Case Study

Driver Trainer Instructor, Edward Knight

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Driver Trainer Instructor - Avonmouth & Plymouth

I joined HOYER in March 2015 after many jobs ranging from such glamorous roles as collecting food waste from supermarkets to being an assistant manager in a retail environment. 

In the early days I started driving a van full of parcels, using a map and have now subsequently progressed to driving Class 1 Vehicles. Throughout my working life, I have always come back to wanting to work, one way or another, in transport. 

Whilst working in transport I have always recognised that being a fuel tanker driver is hard to get into and is also known as being a very good job, so when an opportunity arose I put in an application to HOYER. I was pleased to be accepted and believe that people with the right skills and mentality will get a job with HOYER.  Before applying I researched HOYER and recognised they have won many different fuel contracts over the years with market leading fuel producers and operate in many different sectors. It is always encouraging to see growth in the organisation you are working for. 

I started and enjoyed the initial three weeks of training, which included loading, discharging and using the Smiths System of driving.  Three weeks sounds a long time but there are a lot of things to cover.  Even now issues can arise but there is always someone there to help.

Being a former driving instructor and liking to drive to a good standard, I personally undertook additional training to improve my own standard of driving; from skid pan training to advanced road driving.  This really opened my eyes to how everyone can improve their driving skills and I would pass this knowledge on to my students.  I recognise there are always improvements to be made or other training to learn from.  I have enjoyed the training HOYER provided from first doing the initial training then progressing to on-going improvement.  This is how all industries should train but sadly it does not happen. 

After leaving the terminal, I enjoy the freedom of being on the road. The roads are busy but there are always amazing and varied views, and, with the shift patterns we have, some good sunsets and sunrises.  I also like to know I have done a good job.  It's rewarding seeing an empty truck at the end of the day when you didn't think it would be possible.  It's a shame you can’t see what’s not inside but it always feels lighter to drive. 

While working at the Avonmouth Terminal I have had the opportunity to become the Driver Training instructor.  This will be a great opportunity to learn new parts of the business and develop my skills I have previously used as a driving instructor.   I Look forward to doing my initial training so I can then provide quality training to the standard HOYER and drivers would expect.

I am pleased I made the move to HOYER. I have been here about two and half years and it has flown by.  

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