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Case Study

NOVUS Student Placement, Eoin McLeod

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HCC Controller - NOVUS Student Placement

I first decided to study logistics after completing a supply chain module during college. This module covered the basics within the world of logistics and it immediately grabbed my attention as I previously had no real idea what it was. The consideration of every product in the world needing to be moved from one place to another in the right quantity, price and time was fascinating. From having this thought, to then contemplating the hundreds of trucks every day on the road moving goods around England really puts transportation into perspective. After looking into the industry, it was very clear that there is a shortage of skilled people in this profession. I wanted a career for myself and this is the reason I looked for courses in Logistics.

After completion of my 2nd year at the University of Huddersfield, I had the opportunity to go on a years work placement to gain valuable experience and get an insight into the industry as a whole. After looking through the different options, I decided to pursue a placement with HOYER. The way they advertised the position as “giving you lots of responsibility” stood out to me. I wanted a placement where I could challenge myself and throw myself into as many situations as I could, as I felt this was the best way to develop my skills. The structure of the placement was appealing because of the opportunity to work alongside Location Transport Managers in the terminals across the UK.

Currently, I work in the Huddersfield Control Centre as a transport controller. It is a high pressured job that requires you to think quickly, whilst also making correct decisions which won’t jeopardise the operation. On a daily shift you work along side the planning team and customer service team, as well as speaking to drivers out on the road to assist them with their deliveries.  It is important for me to be able to engage with different people across the company and to network with a variety of managers throughout the UK.

As part of the placement I have had the opportunity to shadow managers at terminals, the managers are responsible for the drivers and the operations at their locations. I have been able to see what actually happens in a terminal and can see how my actions and decisions whilst being a transport controller can affect the drivers role. This has helped me make more justified decisions when a driver requires advice. Whist being in one of the largest terminals HOYER operates from, I was given a chance to join a driver on their shift. Although, starting at 4am in the morning was hard, observing how a tanker is loaded with fuel and experiencing the correct delivery procedure was vital for my role as a transport controller.  

One key learning I have gained from my placement is how dynamic the industry can really be. Whilst at University, you are taught the black and white of every situation, presuming it will all go smoothly. Since being at HOYER, I have had to solve situations under pressure that wouldn’t go wrong in any logistics textbook. I strongly believe the opportunities that HOYER are presenting me are endless, giving me a kick start towards my career, bringing my previous classroom studies into the boardroom.

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