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Case Study

Operations Director, Jonathan Lawrence


Operations Director

After achieving a 2:1 BA (Hons) degree in International Relations and Global Politics at Nottingham Trent University I joined the HOYER UK Graduate Management Programme in July 2008.  Whilst my degree is not directly related to the logistics industry, it was the foot in the door that I needed - I knew that I wanted a career with a reputable company, and not just a job, and HOYER’s Graduate Management Scheme offered me just that.

My degree gave me a small insight into the general business environment and helped to prepare me for decision making processes and to understand people’s behaviour. These points have been essential aspects of all the roles I have undertaken at HOYER since I joined them.

Right from the recruitment process it was obvious that there was a great deal of responsibility from very early on, which appealed to me. Personally, there were two key elements of the Graduate Programme that have served me best. The first is the way in which I have been deliberately stretched and developed during my career. I have never reached the point where I felt the job was easy. There has always been another challenge or more responsibility! This has been either through taking on project work or being promoted into new and more challenging roles, or even being invited early on into senior meetings which gave me the opportunity to observe.

The second is the support from colleagues. It has been exceptional, from having a manager at the same level assigned as a buddy to being assigned a senior director as a mentor, who I still use as a sounding board.

The ethos at HOYER is to learn by doing, learn from your mistakes and allow yourself to be stretched. It was a challenge to come into the industry green and be given a lot of responsibility from very early on.

The most valuable experience gained on the five year programme is from the responsibility given, both the positive and negative aspects. The job is fast paced and pressured, and anyone interested in applying for the programme will quickly develop as a person and a manager whilst learning a variety of skills in a short period of time. Having a “can do” attitude, being hard-working and people intuitive are essential attributes for successful candidates in this highly professional, demanding and challenging service environment.

My career with HOYER has provided me with the opportunity to travel around the UK and Europe, working in different locations, and being responsible for people of differing backgrounds in a variety of different roles. There are always new challenges and opportunities to learn along the way, so managing your time and workload in this full-on journey is crucial. Fortunately, I have a supportive family and am able to relax walking my dog at home in Hinckley. I really enjoy what I do, and genuinely believe I have learned something new every day since I started.

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