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Case Study

Senior Driver Trainer Instructor, Eddie Lewis

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Senior Driver Trainer Instructor

I began my journey within petroleum distribution when I was employed by Burmah Fuels in the 1980’s, where in those days there was no training. My underlying belief is that all petrol tanker drivers should be trained to the highest of standards to reflect the potentially “lethal loads” they carry.

The importance of training has been my inspiration throughout my career and has driven me to seek employment with a company that shares those same beliefs and I have found that with HOYER. They are proactive, supportive and listen empathically to my many concerns.

I began with HOYER as a driver technician. Successfully developing my career forward as a Driver Trainer Instructor enabled me not only to relay any concerns but also to help drivers develop, attain and to maintain a high degree of professionalism.  With the support of HOYER I found that not only did I enjoy facing the challenges that presented themselves within this role but I felt that I wanted to progress further as a trainer, so when the opportunity arose for the role of senior driver trainer instructor on the Shell contract I applied.

Much to my delight I was successfully appointed to the position. I feel that it has been a privilege achieving this role within an industry leading employer such as HOYER.  I believe that I am able not only to express any arising concerns to HOYER relating to my local depot, but also the concerns of all the other depots across the country.  It has given me the opportunity to work with and listen to a fantastic group of Driver Training Instructors who share my belief in the importance of training. They are a dedicated, enthusiastic and very professional team who follow a strict training regime both procedurally and with the added interest of all HSE involvement. As a SDTI I am often asked to call upon my many years of experience when working closely with both the HOYER and Shell Management teams.  Topics are very varied and can range from site risk assessments to the re-writing / modernisation of our procedural training bible (truck operating procedures).

My day to day challenges include the presentation of all toolbox talks; annual refreshers aligned with contractual needs; the delivery of Petroleum Driver Passport and Certificate of Professional Competence to DT’s and DTI’s around the country; RTL fuel efficiency programme; local ongoing and periodic training; plus on behalf of HOYER and our customers the development of site route risk assessments for the driver group to enable safe travel and off load.

I think I can safely say that I continue to have an extremely challenging, and very satisfying career with HOYER, which has enabled me to develop my skills professionally and personally in a variety of ways. HOYER continues to prioritise training thus enabling them with the help of their training team to achieve excellent safety standards within the industry.  

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