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About Airport & Aircraft Fuel Services

HOYER are an independent provider of vertically integrated aviation fuel logistics services, specializing in pre-airport bridging solutions, into-plane fuelling (ITP) services and management of jet fuel storage facilities. HOYER has over 20 years’ experience providing ITP services and fuel farm management.

As a proactive member of The Joint Inspection Group (JIG) and Strategic Partner of The International Air Transport Association (IATA), HOYER strives for excellence and provides added value in partnership with airlines, airports and fuel suppliers through outstanding safety, environmental and customer service performance.

Operating to Energy Institute and JIG standards, and able to carry out the full range of IATA service levels, HOYER are committed to investing in staff and equipment for continuous improvement. Our intention is to be at the forefront of developments in integrated data management and to lead the transition to hybrid and fully electric hydrant dispensers and refuelling bowsers.

HOYER’s global presence provides the infrastructure to scale up in multiple markets. By embracing technological and safety advancements, innovation, and a commitment to a close working relationship with our clients, HOYER intend to be the provider of choice within the airport bridging, ITP and fuel farm management sectors.

Airport & Aircraft Fuel Services


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