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About Chemilog

HOYER has been safely delivering transport and logistics solutions for specialty and commodity chemicals for the past 40 years.

Our chemical sector provides a variety of logistics solutions from standard bulk transport using our vast fleet of Isotanks or road tankers, to more sophisticated bespoke supply chain solutions. Using our expertise, knowledge and leading-edge IT systems, we provide our customers with exactly what they need - service excellence, flexibility, partnership and value for money.

HOYER Chemilog prides itself in offering a range of tailor made transport and logistics solutions within our over-arching principles of high quality, high efficiency and value for money.

Our services range covers both bulk transport (road tankers and multi-modal) and mini-bulk transport through our fleet of IBCs (Intermediate Bulk Containers).

Besides transport services, HOYER Chemilog also develops end-to-end logistics solutions for the chemicals industry; whether high quality special products or standardised bulk products, our leading edge IT systems mean that the entire flow of both goods and management information is controlled and monitored from the time the equipment is collected, cleaned and loaded, right up to the point where the products are delivered in full.

Approximately 40% of the products HOYER transports are dangerous goods. These products must therefore be handled with care therefore safety, compliance with legal requirements and service excellence are the highest priorities at HOYER.


Within our European network HOYER employs every mode of transport, linking road, rail and sea into an intermodal transport chain. Although this considerably reduces CO2 emissions, this is not done for environmental reasons alone; intermodal transport also helps avoid capacity bottlenecks on the roads. The future lies in identifying and deploying different transport modes intelligently.

Depending on specific product requirements for transportation, HOYER can meet every requirement, from standardised equipment to bespoke complex transport solutions.

In addition to Transport-only solutions, HOYER chemicals logistics offers a wide range of full service solutions, supply chain solutions (SCS) and IBC logistics.

As part of our European network, HOYER offers comprehensive “on the spot” customer care, dedicated contacts and centrally controlled processes. HOYER operates five multi-user logistics centers in Europe:

• Germany- Dormagen, Schkopau and Flörsheim

• Netherlands - Oosterhout and Maastricht



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