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Our Equipment - Chemilog

HOYER Chemilog is able to provide tailor-made transport and logistics solutions in the uk and throughout europe using our equipment pool of tank containers, ibcs and flexitanks


HOYER Chemilog in the UK has a modern fleet of road tankers for both hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals. We also cater for special requirements by providing equipment with:

  • A variety of heating systems
  • A selection of different compartment sizes
  • A selection of tank materials, including specialist lined tankers for highly corrosive products
  • Single pot road tankers
  • Multi-pot road tankers
  • Jumbo road tankers


With more than 7,000 Tank Containers operating throughout Europe, we are proud to be the largest tank container operator and one of the leading providers for transporting bulk liquids. HOYER recommends using Tank Containers as a flexible means of transport which increases efficiency and significantly reduces CO2 emissions.

As with Road Tankers, HOYER Chemilog can provide standard or innovative, specialist Tank Container equipment to cater for all of our customers’ needs. Equipment includes:

  • Standard Tank Containers
  • Insulation technology for both hot and cold products
  • Intelligent, energy-saving and environmentally friendly heating systems
  • Pump equipment
  • Lined tanks for highly corrosive products
  • Small lubricating tanks for storage


HOYER recognises that not all customers have a need to move bulk products. As a result, HOYER has developed the world’s largest fleet of IBCs with some 22,000 in operation throughout Europe and the world. 

All HOYER IBCs are made of stainless steel and we have a number of different IBC types within our fleet to suit customer requirements:

  • Standard IBCs – for transporting paints and coatings, synthetic resins and solvents (1,000 litres) with dangerous goods approval
  • Heated IBCs – for transporting waxes, additives, paraffin, glues and fatty alcohols
  • Aseptic IBCs – for aseptic transport of pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. These are provided in 500, 800 or 1000 litre capacities.

Dangerous goods approvals and certificates, along with our rigorous quality management procedures, support the highest degrees of safety and provenance and our in-house maintenance and repair facilities round off our Full Service offering.

Over recent months HOYER has begun to equip our IBCs with RFID technology which permits the automatic identification of IBCs and simplifies data collection.

IBCs can be rented for a period of a few days or leased for several years, depending on customer requirements.


Flexitanks are a safe alternative for transporting liquids such as non-hazardous chemical products. In comparison to IBCs or drums, a significant volume saving is possible for each delivery, leading to a reduction in unit costs. The modern generation of flexitank containers has double-walled bulkheads and an improved shape which reduces pressure on the doors. This enables the flexitank to be installed more easily and safely and makes it more robust.

HOYER offers our customers a high-quality 3D animated introduction to the loading and unloading of flexitanks. No matter the quantity, technical assistance can be arranged at any time.