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About Foodlog

Since November 2017 HOYER Group and H&S Group have joined forces in the bulk liquid foodstuff transport, known as H&H Foodlog. Its portfolio includes the transportation of high-quality liquid foodstuff, from loading to unloading and in compliance with the most stringent hygienic requirements. Both companies’ experiences with these products and their specific transportation requirements built up over decades make H&H Foodlog a proven specialist with precision-fitting logistics concepts for its customers.

The united foodstuff transport fleet is one of the most modern in the industry. Professional staff guarantee the smooth handling of the flow of goods, both in terms of road-only transport as well as intermodally. Due to its extensive product knowledge and outstanding technical equipment, the perfect transport container is available for any type of foodstuff, anytime. The fleet includes tanker semi-trailers, tank containers, flexitanks as well as intermediate bulk containers (IBCs).

With the perfect combination of all modes of transport (rail, road and sea) as part of intermodal transport a maximum degree of flexibility, efficiency and economy for its customers is achieved.

Decades of experience and the knowledge about handling foodstuffs gained during this time guarantee care in fundamentals of foodstuff logistics: quality, safety and hygiene. Foodstuffs even can be transported kosher, if required.


Foodlog Services

HOYER Foodlog has a strong reputation and track record for planning and implementing different and complex logistics solutions. As a third party logistics provider the company supports our customers in planning, controlling and implementing complex logistics workflows; this applies to procurement and production logistics as well as distribution logistics.

We develop bespoke solutions for transport, filling, transshipment and storage processes via an efficiently controlled European network. Our objective is to optimise processes to enable high delivery capacity and increase flexibility and as a leading logistics provider, HOYER can take advantage of scale and improve the competitiveness of our customers.

Cost optimisation is another key benefit. Customer profitability can be increased and value can be added by allowing HOYER to invest in long term partnerships where costs become more transparent and economies of scale can be jointly exploited.

The transport of beer places great demands on logistics service providers. The quality of the product must not diminish across the entire transport chain, from loading right through to the point of delivery. This applies equally to local shipments over short distances or shipments over long distances across different temperature zones.

HOYER Foodlog uses innovative beer tank containers with integrated cooling and heating systems that are deployed exclusively for beer and beer-related mixed beverages which ensures a constant temperature regardless of high or low outside temperatures. The fleet is used exclusively for transporting beer in capacities ranging from 246 to 297 hl, ensuring that even major events can be supplied with cool beer.

In addition to road tanker transport, HOYER Foodlog combines the different modes of transport of road, rail and sea to ensure the shortest transit times at competitive prices and the intermodal transport options supports our environmental commitments and those of our clients.

HOYER guarantees high hygiene standards with sampling and analysis valves on the tanks to perform antiseptic and microbiological product testing and an approved network of tank cleaning facilities which have been audited by brewers.

More than half of HOYER’s 22,000 IBCs are used exclusively for foodstuff products. All IBCs are made of stainless steel.

Our services include:

• A variety of specialist IBCs for rental suitable for all food types

• Depot services including state-of-the-art, SQAS-audited cleaning, maintenance, repair and storage facilities

• Transport logistics designed for high quality products complying with the highest hygiene and safety standards

• Fleet management and customised management information via our leading-edge I.T. systems


Case Study

Foodlog Case Study

Foodlog Case Study - Alt

A major European manufacturer of food ingredients with operations in the UK, Belgium and around the world uses HOYER Foodlog to manage the deliveries between two of their largest plants.

Large quantities of ingredients and finished product is moved between the two factories in Belgium and the UK but because of the late changes to production plans and limited storage tanks at the receiving site, the client was facing increasing costs for road vehicles waiting on site when there was no space in the storage tanks to unload. A further complication is the requirement to keep the product heated during all stages of the journey.

The solution offered by HOYER addressed all these issues. HOYER proposed changing from a road based operation to using intermodal tanks that offered the following advantages:-

  • Increased payload due to the higher weights allowed for intermodal journeys in Belgium.
  • Loaded containers stored either on the import quay, or at the HOYER depot ready for delivery to the factory on a JIT basis.
  • Close liaison between the factory and the HOYER local office to ensure the correct and most efficient delivery schedule is agreed on a daily basis.
  • 24/7 delivery window for the factory.
  • New tank containers used with independent heating systems that can be operated for up to two weeks without the need to plug in to an electricity supply and can be remotely monitored.
  • Elimination of almost all waiting time costs.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions.

The operation which started on a trial basis in 2014 has now been expanded to include over 80% of the movements between the two factories and a similar system is being implemented for shipments to factories in Scandinavia



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