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About Gas Logistics

HOYER offers worldwide logistics services for gases used in the fields of technology, medicine and foodstuffs. Our expertise and worldwide network means we can provide all gas logistics services from a single source. As testament to our experience and performance we are trusted to transport particularly high-quality products such as helium for our clients.


HOYER provides a range of transport solutions for the domestic, international and deep sea movement of all kinds of bulk gases including cryogenics, chemical gases, propellants, refrigerant gases and natural gas.

Transport solutions can be provided using our modern fleet of road tankers or, for longer international distances or deep sea shipments, multimodal solutions can be provided using our specialist fleet of tank containers.

Our full service solution comprises the following services:

• Consulting and engineering

• Planning and transport

• Fleet management

• Outsourcing concepts

• Leasing and financing

• Maintenance, repair and refurbishment in specialised, in-house workshops

• Performing legally mandated inspections

• Emergency supplies by road and/or rail (end-to-end service)

• Logistics concepts for intermodal transportation (full service)

Cryogenic and pressurised gas containers can be provided at a variety of depots worldwide for both short and long-term rental.

For longer-term leasing agreements the containers can be adapted to include specialist, bespoke equipment in line with our customers' needs.

At the workshops of the Gas Equipment Service (G.E.S.) in Geusa and Oberhausen graduate engineers working on CAD systems, as well as creative technicians, gas/cryogenic specialists and other experts work together on well-established teams. In our explosion-proof halls, maintenance and repair work is carried out on ADR class 2 vehicles such as liquid hydrogen trailers and gas cylinder trailers. Special clean rooms allow sensitive equipment, such as that used in the transportation of oxygen, to be professionally repaired.

Gas Logistics


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Gas Logistics


  • Air gases - Cryogenics
  • Chemical Gases
  • Propellants
  • Refrigerant Gases
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