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About Petroleum Logistics

HOYER has been delivering petroleum products throughout Europe since the 1970s and now provides nationwide distribution across 11 European countries deploying more than 900 vehicles and 2,200 drivers, working for a mix of traditional oil majors, independent oil companies and specialist fuel retailers.

This market leading position has been achieved through outstanding safety, environmental and customer service performance, delivered with agility and flexibility by highly trained, qualified and capable people, who are motivated and driven to improve performance.

The petroleum product market is going through a period of change and restructuring as global oil majors withdraw from refinery and service station operations, and regional oil companies, wholesalers and specialist fuels retailers see significant growth. Therefore HOYER now includes sophisticated full service logistics to manage customer stock, generate and handle orders, manage delivery planning and dispatch and undertake physical execution. We provide services for retail fuels, commercial fuels, bio fuels, bitumen, heavy fuels, lubricants, LPG, LNG and aviation fuel.

Our sophisticated Logistics IT systems integrate with the operating systems of both fuels suppliers and retail outlets. Our flat organisational structure, with non-bureaucratic devolved responsibility, facilitates a high degree of autonomy for our people, who are able to make fast and focused decisions.


Complex and bespoke transport services for a changing market – Although HOYER offers a range of bespoke transport solutions, all of our services are provided under the same over-arching principles of high quality, high efficiency and value for money. Our service range extends from the provision of driver and equipment resources through to highly sophisticated Full Service Logistics solutions, including integrated IT systems.

We can provide a full service solution, or resource only, allowing our customers to manage stock and order management, scheduling and dispatch functions to their requirements whilst we provide vehicles, drivers and related services including driver and fleet management, industrial relations and back office support.

As an ‘add-on’ to the resource only service, we can provide management of delivery planning and dispatch services leaving our client to manage stocks and provide order receipt / order generation functions.

Our full service solution includes the service contract plus stock management and order receipt / order generation, together with related IT infrastructure. With the additional options to include an electronic (paperless) order process, automatic reconciliation, real time delivery confirmation, track and trace functionality and automatic uploading / downloading to the client database.

Petroleum Logistics


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Petroleum Logistics


  • Retail Fuels
  • Commercial Fuels
  • Bio Fuels
  • Bitumen & Emulsions
  • Heavy Fuels
  • Lubricants
  • Aviation Fuels
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