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04 Sep 2015
Hoyer Container

HOYER Petrolog UK secure long term deals with buyers of the Esso estate

HOYER Petrolog UK are delighted to announce that  5 year deals with both Rontec and Malthurst (MRH) have been secured, to continue delivering fuel to the sites sold to these dealers as part of the Esso Branded Wholesale process.

Rontec and MRH purchased 19 sites and 78 sites respectively and HOYER Petrolog UK have now secured the distribution to these sites until the summer of 2020. Furthermore, the deliveries to Esso Branded Wholesale Rontec sites in the South West (delivered to as part of the Esso contract), have also been extended for another year, through to 2020.

The Company is still in discussions with Eurogarages regarding the 104 sites they have recently agreed to buy from Esso in the South East. Pending these discussions with Eurogarages in the South East, these deals mean that our contract to deliver to the whole of the Esso estate sold off since 2013 has been extended BEYOND the original Esso contract end date (June 2016). This achievement is testament to the positive and progressive discussions between the Company, the Union and our workforce. Job security has been significantly strengthened as a result of these contract extensions and has been achieved as a result of the positive working relationships that exist between the Company, our drivers and their representatives.

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