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18 Aug 2017
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Paving the way to success

HOYER Petrolog UK was involved in a recent success within the Road Surface Treatments Association (RSTA) Awards.

Following a joint training initiative by our customer, TOTAL Bitumen a submission was made in the Environmental Innovation category where they were awarded Runner Up status. This followed work undertaken by HOYER Bitumen Training Manager, Jim Cairns, with TOTAL Bitumen HSEQS Manager, Gary Rorke, whereby they set up a training package specifically designed for the site operating staff from our major end user emulsion delivery customer.
The detail was primarily drawn from our own established training for our own drivers involved with emulsion deliveries. In addition, an Emulsion Passport was designed for site operators who receive the deliveries from HOYER vehicles throughout the UK.

The new training package was presented to the emulsion customer’s staff over a series of training days at their Birmingham location. This involved support from TOTAL Bitumen DTI’s Tony Sargent, Chris Hopcroft (both Immingham) and Paul Walker (Preston). Such has been the success of the new initiative that the wider industry
has now agreed to adopt the training and corresponding operating standards from 2018 onwards, which is a great credit to all concerned.

The emulsion operation is seasonal and weather dependent, running from April through to August from the TOTAL Bitumen production plant in Preston. As well
as our own HOYER drivers we also engage some seasonal support drivers and sub-contractor resource across these months. The majority of the emulsion deliveries are made into smaller road sprayers which may return to be filled 2-3 times each before the HOYER road tanker is empty.
The end user customer will have their own road surface operators working around the specific road tanker delivery times to either one of their own local holding sites or
a roadside layby

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